Visualizing Frequency of Drafting OLs by NFL Team in the Last 5 Years Compared to Win %

I came across a table of stats depicting how aggressively (or not) NFL teams have drafted OLs over the past 5 years. I thought it would be interesting to overlay Win % over the last 5 years with the draft data to determine if there may be a relationship between drafting OLs and Wins. Here’s a visual depiction of that data using Tableau Public:

UPDATE: Since the Play-by-Play data is missing some final score data for certain games, I’ve pulled the Win-Loss data from here instead and updated the charts.

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  1. Your winning percentage is wrong. No way are the browns sitting at .533 winning percentage. They are actually closer to .285 or something like that. My bet is the other teams are wrong too. I’m a browns fan, I know losing records.

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