Tableau Public Sports Bloggers Share Their Favorite Sports Data Sources!

I had the opportunity to be on a sports bloggers panel yesterday (3/31/2014) hosted by Ben Jones, ‎Tableau Public Product Marketing Manager and author of data viz blog, There was an all-star cast of bloggers on the panel including:

Robb Tufts:
Carl Allchin:
Mac Bryla:
Ryan Sleeper:
Jewel Loree:

One of the great questions from the audience was ‘What are the best free data sources for sports or does it vary by sport?’ This is an awesome question as I’m always looking for new data sources for my visualizations and analysis. I compiled all of the data sources, tools and websites here.

American Football:

Hockey Data:



Football (Premier League):

Twitter R scraping tools (fan sentiment):

If you want to view the whole panel the recorded version is here:

Ben has also put together an awesome Tableau Public visualization that crowd-sources sports data sources and provides the links in one easy to use viz:

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