Superbowl XLVII (2013) – Baltimore Ravens’ Offense Predictability Part 2 – Results

UPDATE: Post-Game Prediction Results
Despite the Superbowl power outage I managed to track all of the Ravens’ pass/run plays during the game while making my own predictions with the Play Predictor tool. The Play Predictor was most accurate during the 3rd quarter and least accurate during the 2nd quarter. The Ravens played their least predictable quarter of football in the 2nd, which also ended up being their most productive scoring quarter. Overall, the predictor performed with 60.3% accuracy despite missing the 2012 playoff data. This type of predictor would prove to be much more useful with a team that has had several seasons under the same coach, offensive coordinator and offensive players, but we all know those factors change quite often in football. I’ve also embedded the slides from my talk for anyone that is interested in seeing how I managed to include the infamous butt fumble in a talk about R and Tableau.

Play Prediction Results

Slide Deck from Presentation

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