Red Sox 2009 PitchFX Matchup Visualizer

I had the 2009 PitchFX data handy, so thought I would come up with a way to visualize the Red Sox Pitching Matchups from the 2009 season.

The coordinates used below are described in more depth here: MLB PITCHf/x Data. I’m using p_x and p_z to plot the location of the ball as it crosses the front of home plate.

You can select a pitcher as shown in this example (Beckett) as well as a Batter (Avila). Or you can select all batters to see what types of pitches Beckett threw throughout the entire 2009 season. The shape shows the type of pitch that was thrown and the color represents the outcome of the pitch. I though it was interesting to look only at Wakefield’s knuckleball against all batters. The spread is huge as one would expect. Let’s take a look at a specific matchup between Beckett and A-Rod. Jeter seemed to have some trouble with a high changeup against Beckett in ’09. If we look at all Red Sox pitching staff against Rodriguez, you can see that low and inside is a sweet spot that the Red Sox would want to avoid.

Leave a comment if you come up with any other interesting conclusions from this data!

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