NFL Fantasy Point Breakdown by Team and Position Through Week 4, 2014

After the Patriots abysmal loss to the Chiefs, I wanted to dig into how bad the offense really is.
I gathered data from ESPN’s Scoring Leaders page and decided to visualize it in Tableau.

Here’s a few takeaways:

  • New England’s top fantasy scorer is their kicker, Stephen Gostkowski.
  • Kenbrell Thompkins, Aaron Dobson and Danny Amendola have less combined points than Detroit’s kicker.
  • Rob Gronkowski is the 9th highest scoring TE in the league yet was projected to be the #1 overall.
  • Tom Brady has fewer points than Brian Hoyer.
  • The Patriots have some serious work to do around improving the offensive line and forming an offense around someone other than Julian Edelman. Whether it’s McDaniel’s playcalling, Belichick’s refusal to provide Brady with offensive weapons or Nate Solder looking like he’s playing a cricket match blindfolded, they’re going to have to get it together to even have a shot at Cincinnati this week.

    What other conclusions can you come up with? Try clicking the team name on the bottom graph, the team/position and even the position on the top graph to filter the data table.

    I leave you with Toucher and Rich’s “On to Cincinnati” song.

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